Recap of SCOR Political Action last semester

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Many of you took time out of your busy schedules to play a defining role in a more inclusive SCOR thus far this academic year. We can’t thank you enough for joining us as we strive to reignite the multiethnic, intersectional and grassroots student activist roots of our organization.

People have asked us to recap the PAC’s main event within SCOR - the November Workshop on Race and Social Justice Organizing.

To sum up the event: We started the day with an opportunity to engage with a panel of organizers from diverse backgrounds who expressed the value of intersectionality within organizing and the corresponding balance between scholar and activist identities. With limited time, attendees used breakout sessions to uncover issues that galvanize them to act - on campus and beyond - around areas like education, police brutality/hate violence, the environment and more.

A few takeaways:

  1. People desire more time to develop tangible, actionable strategies and tactics to collaborate around desired outcomes, including continuing to glean resources not on campus or in Ann Arbor.

*Shout-out to Urban Planning and Natural Resources and the Environment students for beginning an exchange of tactics to promote greater diversity and inclusion in your respective departments!*

  1. We were thrilled to see people, who did not previously know each other, come together so quickly and with such determination to fulfill the underlying goal of the Workshop: to be student-driven and reflective of true organizing.  People want to also spend time getting to know each other and strengthening our relationships as a community of students of color and others dedicated to social justice.

  2. People expressed interest in a follow-up event this semester.

Goals Moving Forward

We hope to carry the momentum of last semester through to this semester and beyond by continuing to build a sense of community as well as collective agency. In the process, we hope to support SCOR’s overall goal to reach more, diverse POC.


As we start the Winter semester, we welcome any immediate support to ensure more inclusive and efficient planning and work!  Please see this Tracker for initial details on our current priorities.  Other PAC documents we have begun to compile (all in the same Google Folder) include a clearinghouse for organizing tactics and strategies as well as a Form for people who want to get involved in the abovementioned priorities listed in the Tracker.


If you have any questions or are interested in taking an active role with the PAC, please reach out to Aliza ( with the Subject line ‘Interest in SCOR PAC’!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead


Bithia, Christine, Teona and Aliza

*active* SCOR PAC