Save the Date: Monday, March 28th MLC Meeting

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MLC Meeting #3, Winter (but really Spring) 2016

MONDAY, March 28th, 2016

5:30pm to 7pm

Rackham 1st Floor Executive Board Room

Kindly RSVP by emailing Aliza in a separate email, with your name/others who are attending, and your org name.

In the meeting we will review responses to the letter we sent to DEI last week - we have information that a 'coordinated response' to us being organized right now, on top of several direct responses to me via email. Secondly we will consult SCOR on its proposal for a graduate student advisory board to DEI by looking at a draft that the SCOR e-board is working on right now in preparation for Monday. Through discussion and working time, we are hoping to plan an efficient and inclusive follow-up to the response to our letter to DEI, and facilitate the MLC's input for the SAB idea. 

Hope to see you there/then!

Best wishes