Hear the Life and Story of Patsy Mink, Friday, October 30th!

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On Friday, October 30th starting at 6pm in the Trotter Multicultural Center, join UAAO [United Asian American Organization], Kappa Phi Lambda, and Alpha Kappa Delta Phi and learn about Patsy Mink, a Japanese American female activist who left an important mark in the US Educational System.

We will have film screening of "Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority" and a photo booth with hashtag "#IAmPatsyMink" so you can tell us why minority race and/or female involvement in politics is important, how Title IX Act changed the higher education system in the US, or just to tell us HOW MUCH OF A BAD*SS FEMINIST YOU ARE! Discussion to follow afterwards!
Still not convinced?

Here are just some of the facts about Patsy Mink:
1. In 1965, Mink became the first female minority to join the ranks of Congress. She served six consecutive terms. During the 1972 Presidential race, Mink ran in the Oregon primary as an anti-Vietnam War candidate.
2. Her most important coalition was one to support the Title IX Amendment of the Higher Education Act, of which she was one of the principal authors and sponsors, prohibiting gender discrimination by federally funded institutions, an outgrowth of the adversities Mink faced through college.
3. In 1970, Mink became the first Democratic woman to deliver a State of the Union response.
4. In 1976, President of the United States Jimmy Carter appointed Mink as Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

And much much more!
Come learn more about this bosslady!