December 7-11: Conjuring the Caribbean Symposium

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Hi my name is Hunter Zhao, and I am one of the student coordinators for the upcoming Conjuring the Caribbean symposium, performance, and installation that will take place here at the university from Dec. 7 - 11. This symposium brings together students, scholars, faculty, and artists from around the world to explore the themes of tourism, commercialism, and gender identity that dominate the Caribbean. Our conference calls for an interdisciplinary response to the shifting imagination about the power and potential of Caribbean studies viewed through the lens of a sugar-saturated past.

This event is sponsored by SMTD - Theatre and Drama, LACS, AC, Latina/o Studies, DAAS, School of Public Health, IRWG, Institute for the Humanities, M-Library, Center for World Performance Studies, and so many more participants.          

To learn more about the symposium, please check

On Dec. 9th, we are focusing on Caribbean Identities and Language. At 7:30 P.M. in the Duderstadt Media Commons we plan to host "Why Speak Your Language" Multi-Lingual Poetry Jam to showcase the various and diverse languages of the Caribbean.

If you are fluent in any Caribbean languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Haitian Creole, Papiamento, Jamaican Patios, French Creole, or more, please consider joining our symposium. You will have the opportunity to perform spoken word poetry in front of an audience made up of global artists, faculty, students, scholars, and the general public.  

Please email me at dutiang@umich.edufor more information. We look forward to having you join!