Please Donate to Ozone House until Dec.11th!

Added on by SCOR UMich.

A call to all UU student employees:

Have you ever thought about where you would go if you were kicked out of your house or suddenly found yourself with no where to stay? Where do you think homeless youth in Ann Arbor go, especially during the coldest months of the year? 

One place they can go is Ozone House. This is a place for young people to go to receive guidance on living a safe and healthy life through prevention and intervention services. It is a safe place for young people in Ann Arbor to go when they have no where else to turn. 

From now until December 11th, Campus Information is collecting donations for Ozone House at our three desk locations (Michigan Union, Pierpont, and the League). Things to donate include: 

  • Full size shampoos, lotions, conditioners
  • Plain White T-Shirts
  • Gift cards to Meijer, gas stations, Walmart
  • African American hair products
  • Combs, toothpaste
  • Cleaning supplies

For more information, please don't hesitate to ask myself, or anyone at the Campus Information desks. We truly hope you consider donating so we, as University Unions employees, can show caring during this season.

Thank you and happy studying!