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Thursday, November 5th

4464 East Hall

11:00 - 12:00 pm


We Really Need to Talk: Encouraging

and Empowering Interracial Dialogue"


Presented by:

Professor Keith Maddox,

Department of Psychology,

Tufts University

Abstract - Media coverage of recent events have revived the public debate surrounding the continuing problem of racial bias in the United States.  However, with a particular focus on Black and White Americans, growing awareness is accompanied by a growing divide between Black and Whites concerning the nature of the problem.  Interracial contact and dialogue is generally accepted as an effective method to combat racial bias, in part through the exchange of ideas and perspectives that lead to productive solutions.  However, these opportunities are often avoided because people anticipate negative affective and interpersonal consequences.  In this talk I discuss the social psychological literature exploring these challenges and describe two strategies developed in my lab that we can use to encourage and empower interracial contact and dialogue.