Anti-Islamophobia event on January 25th

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Anti-Islamophobia event on January 25th from 6-8 PM in the Pendleton Room at the Michigan Union: The format of the event is open mic - student organizers are also collecting stories right now. Anyone who submits a story can do so anonymously and does not have to tell or read their own story at the event. 

Also, if you have a schedule conflict that night or don't feel comfortable attending, you can still submit a story about your experience with Islamophobia. CAPS and MESA will be present at the event and are committed to having it be a safe space for sharing these stories and for also educating the broader student community, from our student speakers, about what their allyhood and solidarity with Arab and Muslim American students looks like.  

Here is the link to our story submission page:

This event is also about allyhood and the hope is that the event will have broad attendance, so folks unaware of how Islamophobia impacts students on our campus will learn about this and learn about being an effective ally.

The event is being organized by LSA and various MENA organizations.