Feb.9th: My Brothers: Involvement & How We Create Supportive Spaces.

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My Brothers:  Involvement & How We Create Supportive Spaces

Student involvement allows students to engage with their peers & explore areas of interest.  But as men of color, we may have to hold back parts of our identity or increase our sense of masculinity depending on the spaces.  

Even as we move on into our professions, the want & need to continue to be involved in organizations such as Greek Letter Organizations (GLO's), industry based organizations, or even community based organizations may continue.  

How are our identities as men of color supported in these spaces, as students & as professionals? 

How are we navigating spaces where our identity/ies is not the focal point of the organization? 

How do we want our involvement to look like in these organizations beyond college & how are our identities being showed & supported within them? 

Come take part in an interesting conversation of how our involvement reflects our identities as men of color through dialogue & an activity.  

When:  Tuesday February 9th, 12PM - 1:30PM
Located: Central Student Government - Chambers Room (3rd floor Michigan Union)

Complementary food & beverages provided

My Brothers is a lunch series open to all students, faculty and staff that address the unique needs and experiences of men of color at the University of Michigan in a safe, open space. All sessions include free lunch and are open to students, faculty, and staff.

Our Mission: My Brothers seeks to empower men of color around issues of identity, intercultural competency, health, and wellness that affect them in an open atmosphere. The program welcomes all University of Michigan men of color, undergraduate and graduate, faculty and staff.

Upcoming Sessions for Winter 2016 semester: 

  • Tuesday February 9th, 2016
  • Tuesday March 15th, 2016
  • Tuesday April 5th, 2016