February 18th: Washtenaw ID Project Poster Making Session

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Please join the Washtenaw ID Project for

A poster-making session!

this Thursday, February 18

from 12 – 2pm

in SSW room B780

We need your help creating posters that will be used during our solidarity march down to the County Clerk’s Office next week! 


As the final event in the Washtenaw ID Project’s Solidarity in Action campaign, we are organizing a march down to the County Clerk’s Office (220 N. Main St.) for anyone who wants to support the initiative by getting their own County ID card!

Tuesday, February 23

We will meet in the School of Social Work’s McGregor Commons at 12pm, and will march down to the County Clerk’s Office together – please dress warmly!

If you’re interested in getting your own County ID card, please remember to bring the necessary documents – a cell phone or utility bill with your name, your Washtenaw County address, and a date within the past 30 days; and two identity documents, such as a state ID, driver’s license, or passport (or if you only have one of these documents, come with a friend and they can vouch for your identity!) A full list of eligibility criteria and additional details can be found here – please note, you must 1) provide identity documents that add up to at least 300 points, 2) have at least one identity document from column A, and 3) be able to prove County residency.

If you would like to join us for the march, please RSVP to me (jessieam@umich.edu)! Also, if you have any questions regarding the eligibility criteria or how to apply for a card, I’d be happy to answer them!