April 7th: Student Activist Meeting from 4:15-6pm in the Ginsberg Center.

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We are Action Inc., a group of student actionists (activists) on campus who came together looking to improve outlets for student organizing and coalition building on campus. We are reaching out to you as student leaders to come attend an Actionist Lounge designed by and for students who wish to make activism on campus more impactful, organized, and sustainable.


Please join us on Thursday, April 7th from 4:15 to 6:00 at the Ginsberg Center (1024 Hill St.) where we will be bringing together student actionists to discuss diverse experiences and tactics used in the fight for social change. Share your personal involvement in student activism, influences and inspirations from other movements, responses to recent criticisms of student protests, the successes you have experienced, and the challenges you may face ahead.

The Actionist Lounge will jumpstart our efforts in building and sustaining a more connected network of actionists on campus. Join us and be part of fostering this productive environment of those who wish to see positive change in the near future.  

Please RSVP and give us some of your input on what you would like to be discussed ahead of time on the google form below.

Link to RSVP and Questionnaire  

This form will let us know which topics you would like to see discussed at roundtables at the event. It is important to us that as active participants in the Actionist Lounge, you have a say in its structure.  


Peace and Justice,

Action Inc.

Noor Ahmad

Kyle Finnegan

Evan Theodoracatos

Arielle Wisbaum

Rachel Lohmeier

Christian Davenport