President: Michael Medina 

Program: Combined Program in Education & Psychology

Research Interests: The role of friendship and ethnic/racial identity on Black and Hispanic students’ academic outcomes

I joined SCOR because it is my personal mission to invest myself both in academics and social justice. I believe that being a responsible scholar requires a commitment to the well-being of the populations you look to serve. As I work to serve ethnic and racial minority youth, I must do my part to aid their social and academic growth, as well as address injustices against them.

Bonus Fact: I love fun facts! I offer them up randomly, on a variety of topics, and without hesitation or provocation.

Vice President: Asya Harrison

Program: PhD in Education and Psychology in the Combined Program of Education and Psychology

Research Interests: - Black Adolescent Identity Development and the influence of Social Class and Racial Socialization

 I joined SCOR because the opportunity to be a part of an organization of change presented itself. I have been a part of organizations before, but none with the depth, commitment, network power, and support of SCOR. With the drive and innovation that this year’s executive board has I know SCOR will do even greater things.

Bonus Fact: I'm a total anime and comic geek.


Secretary: Gordon Palmer


Research interests: The impact of migration on immigrants' sense of race and ethnicity, the development of critical consciousness in college contexts, Black masculinity, adolescent/college student spirituality 

I joined SCOR because it is an opportunity to exercise my own commitment to social justice and civic engagement on the part of graduate students. I’m excited to work with the board to continue the good work from last year and make strides on new projects. 

Bonus fact: I really love donuts. Like, its an obsession. 


Treasurer: Rosalyn Kent


Research Interests: 

 I joined SCOR because...

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SCOR Rackham Liason: Channing Mathews 

Program: Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Research Interests:  Teacher Education, Cultural Competence in the Classroom, Racial Identity and Discrimination in the Classroom Context.

I joined SCOR because I needed a community where I felt safe to discuss the issues that are affecting various communities of color. I am invested in the well being of all communities of color because I believe that we have a lot to learn from one another, not solely from our challenges, but also (and most importantly) from our successes. Bringing the rich diversity of ethnicities represented on the University of Michigan's campus together, whether that be for social or for social justice reasons, is one of the most powerful initiatives that I can contribute to my well-being as well as to the well-being of those who surround me. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as President this year and I look forward to a transformative year working with the 2015-2016 SCOR e-Board.

Bonus Fact: Before coming to graduate school, I lived in the Dominican Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa for 2 and 3 years respectively. In my time abroad, I visited 14 different countries, but the Dominican Republic will always be my second home.


SCOR Marketing and Communications Chair: Raissa Barros de Carvalho

Program: PhD in Design Science

Research Interests: User-Centered Design, User Interaction, Usability, Autonomous Vehicles

I joined SCOR to help people to know more about their rights, to know about what is happening around campus. Also to help students of color, especially international students, to better adjust to their student life and to this community.

Bonus Fact: I enjoy video games and movies. I also lived in Portugal for a year.


SCOR Political Action Co-Chair: Bithia Ratnasamy


Research Interests: 

I volunteer with SCOR because...

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SCOR Political Action Co-Chair: Teona Williams


Research Interests: 

I joined SCOR because .

Bonus Fact: I am in charge of multiple on-campus Twitter accounts, so sometimes I tweet to myself while pretending that I'm not tweeting to myself.


SCOR Community Outreach Chair: Josefina (Josi) Bañales

Program: Developmental Psychology

Research Interests: The positive development of marginalized adolescents, critical consciousness (CC), CC informed interventions, Sociopolitical Development

I joined SCOR to facilitate a positive and inclusive community for graduate students of color, like myself. Graduate school has the potential to be an especially isolating experience for marginalized groups, but, with intentional and informed efforts, it can also be a space where students on the margins access their full potential and pay their successes forward. It is my hope to help the graduate student of color community to develop as individuals ut also as a collective to increase the well-being of all communities of color.

Bonus Fact: I love to sing so I’m pretty much always down for karaoke! I was on the shows Star Search and It’s Showtime at the Apollo when I was in elementary school. 


SCOR Symposium Chair: Ashley Jackson


Research Interests: 

I joined SCOR because .

Bonus Fact:

Advisor: Dr. Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, Director of Graduate Student Success at Rackham Graduate School