Students of Color of Rackham


Guidelines for Submission to the Weekly Newsletter

Greetings SCOR Members,

If you are interested in sending a flyer/announcement/updates, etc please be follow the guidelines below before submitting to :

  • Timeline for Releasing the Newsletter

    • The newsletter is released every week on Wednesday, therefore:

      • Monday at 5pm is the deadline for submitting text based news/announcements/updates

      • Tuesday at 5pm is the deadline for flyers and pictures with no additional text

      • Wednesday at 12pm is the deadline for blog posts, accomplishments,

  • Format of Event Flyers

    • The preferred format for event flyers is .jpg. If your format is in any other format, it is best for you to either convert the flyer or be aware that it can only be attached to the email of the newsletter but will not be converted and inserted into the body of the newsletter.

  • Subject Matter

    • Contributions to the newsletter should correspond to the interests and attention of graduate and professional students of color at the University of Michigan.

If you are unsure whether your programming is geared towards SCOR members please send an email to

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